I was a chiropractic skeptic, admittedly. I was seen here by Dr. Mecka and I felt like a different person when I left. My low back pain was lessened by a LOT and the burning pain on my right hip all but disappeared. Thank you, Doc...and I'll be seeing you much more often!

Christopher. T

I love this place

Whitney. W

This is the best Chiropractic Company all around. The thing that I like the most is that you can call them for any pain problem and they will get to the bottom of any health or pain problem. Don't delay, call today.

Rose. S

Great quality and timely service. Very knowledgeable and able to explain everything and address all issues thoroughly.

MsErin. H

Dr. Mecka is beyond amazing!! I had no idea she was in the area until a week ago when I was 39 weeks pregnant. In that week, I've had two adjustments and two of my kiddos, one year old and three days old have been adjusted. The adjustments were gentle and precise. After my first adjustment, my baby came into the world within a little over 72 hours. My one year old who had been having trouble sleeping fell asleep shortly after his adjustment and gave the rest of the house a much needed break. Dr. Mecka is definitely part of our family now.

Nikishia. M

great doctor highly recommend

Omega. C

Dr. Meka is the truth! Walk in, walk out, no pain!

Luvina. N

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